Principal Message

Small beginning, incremental improvement and sustained progress lead to legendary possibilities.

Vision helps us to see the possibilities of tomorrow within the possibilities of today and motivates to do what needs to be done. Vision is the ability to see the invisible. It is the ability to see beyond the obvious. It is not about problem-solving, but instead it is about preempting and preventing problems.

Our vision is to promote the Glory of God by establishing His kingdom with its values of love, Truth, peace and justice through qualitative and Value Based Education with an aim to form the Character of young students for the Transformation of the self and the society.

Why is education important?

  • • Educated people are easy to lead but hard to enslave.
  • • In a democracy where the quantities of votes rather than quality determine the future of nations, the more enlightened citizens are the better choices will they make.
  • • The true test of a civilization lies in the kind of citizens it produces.
  • • Character building does not start when a child is born. It actually starts a hundred years before.

Man alone has been bestowed with faculties with which he can make this world a better place to live in. Every man has his responsibility to ask this question. “What can I do to this world that did not exist when I was born”. Every human life has the power to lift not only itself, but also the collective consciousness of humanity. The tragedy of life is not the ultimate death, but all the resources and potential that is dying within man when he is still alive. Use the resources that you have been bestowed with or else you will lose it. Let us together think positively because positive thought patterns create positive vibes in life. Anything is possible with the right thoughts in mind…

Sr. Gracy Devasia